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6 Delafield Street.


Be You. 


Located on 6 Delafield Street as of February 3, 2018, Sam's Barber Shop is the revival of the true barbershop experience supported by relationships, comfortability, and community.


Starting Tuesday September 3rd, we will be transitioning to appointments only, Five days a week. Tuesday through Saturday. Appointments are all done online!

Sam's Barber Shop started in the basement, moved to Northstar Sports for two years, and is now located in the "Little Italy," Mount Carmel area of Poughkeepsie, N.Y.  Our goal is to grow within the local community and be a corner stone of the Poughkeepsie community through a past time craft. Five days a week, we accept appointments only.

From the start, the mission has always been the same--be attentive and help create any style the customer envisions. Every one is unique; some people like to look sharp or have their own distinct style, while others like to look neat and professional. Our mission is to give YOU what YOU want in order to Be You. So, this is for the people that know what they want, but can’t find the person to do it. Come to Sam’s, describe the style you want, or show us a picture. It’s your hair, you have to wear it every day, so why not see someone who cares for a fair price?




(845) 527-0126 for Sam

(845) 380-5328 for Jay



6 Delafield Street, 
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601



Mon- Closed

Tu & F- 9a–5p

W + Thur- 9a-6p

Sa- 8a–2p

Su- Closed



Meet Sam

Practicing the craft since 2010. Sam started in his basement, charging friends and family 5 dollars. Sam graduated from Marist College in 2014, where he studied abroad in Florence, Italy and graduated with a degree in Sports Communication. Throughout college, he was practicing the craft on friends in apartments, kitchens, basements—you name it. Those experiences were fun and strengthened friendships. After graduating and not knowing what career path to take, Sam experienced a true Barber Shop feel in San Francisco and New York City and knew that was what he wanted. After attending The American Barber Institute in New York City, he came home to Poughkeepsie, N.Y. to create what he envisioned. Starting small in a local gym, Northstar Sports, Sam created Sam's Barber Shop for 2 years then moved to 6 Delafield Street for a space of his own and community of his own, which brings us to now.

Sam started with the intentions to listen and always create what the customer envisions for themselves, while also having fun and enjoying the craft and the people who sit in his chair. It all started in the basement for Sam and with every cut and person, he will welcome you if it was just that, his basement.


Meet Jay

Previously working together at Shadow’s on the Hudson, Jay and Sam joined forces in August 2018. Jay started cutting hair because of the unsatisfying experiences in the barber chair. With the drive and passion to make others happy, Jay started cutting hair in his room at 17 in 2008 after Santa delivered a barber chair as a gift one Christmas. His friends became his test dummies and after a few years, his barber at the time offered him a job in the Galleria Mall in 2013 where he started his apprenticeship and journey as a licensed Barber.

Jay’s story has been the same. Focus on what matters. The people, the conversations and the quality of time. Jay is patient with every person who sits in his chair, and stays true to his mission, of giving you what you want. Jay loves the New York Jets, he fancy’s Arsenal Football Club, his favorite baseball team is the Mets and is part of the struggling New York Knicks fan base. He grew up playing Soccer and Graduated from Roy C. Ketcham in 2009.


Meet Romeo

Our employee of the month and a very very good boy. Romeo is a Border Collie mix adopted in the Summer of 2018. He specializes in friendly greetings and livin’ the good life. He loves the ladies and children and he is always up to skip work and go for a nice long walk. He has a weak stomach so treats are not his favorite but he does love a good pet, and when you say goodbye on your way out.


Appointments ONLY Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with both Jay & Sam.

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